• To sustainably develop the river basin resources, which shall ultimately lead to promoting the sustainable livelihood and gainful employment opportunities for the residents of river basins, independent or through the convergence of initiatives? To, without any motives to earn profit, enhance and improve the livelihood for the poor in the state of Meghalaya.
  • To increase sustainable income generating cultivation systems and establishment of micro/small scale/ medium scale bio-industrial units.
  • To enable people’s participation to select livelihood activities most suited to their resources, skills and interest.
  • To address the felt needs and priorities of women and increase their participation in local institutions and decision making process.
  • To promote micro finance including saving and thrift and micro insurance projects.
  • To provide business development service including demonstration, training, consultancy and advisory service on all matters relating to technical, organisational, management commencement and expansion of the enterprise, purchasing techniques, production, purchases, sales, material and cost, quality control, marketing, advertising, publicity, personnel’ information technology services, development and transfer, backward and forward business linkage promotion and horizontal linkage among enterprises, export and import to and for institutions/concerns/bodies/associations/corporations/public and local authorities/trusts/cooperative societies.
  • To help in promoting sustainable enterprises at micro and small scale especially to the poor by way of providing equity, debt financing, leasing, insurance and other means and mechanisms that may be necessary for promoting livelihoods on the basis of basin resources.
  • To rotate and utilize the resources of the authority for ongoing building up of new enterprises by exciting the enterprises that have achieved the sustainable scale and viability, through appropriate mechanisms.
  • To act as a catalyst in facilitating mobilization of financial resources to micro/small/medium scale enterprises to benefit the poor.
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