Forestry Mission

With forests occupying more than 70% of the total geographical area of the State of Meghalaya, the Forest mission becomes an inevitable one to focus on, not just to nurture one of the prime natural resources but to also help maintain an ecological balance and ensure sustainable development. Forestry includes afforestation, forest nursery, and quality planting material through tissue culture inter alia. Of the total of forest cover, a major chunk of it is open and moderately dense forest. The quality of forests needs enhancement through afforestation intervention. Improvement of quality of forest will eventually lead to reliance on the ecosystem to absorb pressure. Immediate spinoff will enhance water yield and its conservation.The State Forest Department has taken up afforestation activities through the Central Sector Scheme called the National Afforestation Programme, State Plan Scheme called the Afforestation of Critical Catchment Area and Integrated Basin Development and Livelihood Promotion Programme in a convergence mode The Joint Forest Management Committees have raised 2920 hectares of forest plantation during the first quarter of the year 2013-14 through the National Afforestation Programme. Under the State Plan Scheme, Afforestation of critical catchment areas, 1125 nurseries has been raised and 420 hectares afforested during first quarter of 2013-14. Under the Forestry Mission of the IBDP 725 forest nurseries and 420 hectares plantations have been raised. The Meghalaya Basin Development Authority felt the need to generate quality planting material to improve productivity of plantation. It will go a long way in increasing production and meeting the need for forest produce, accordingly, it has sanctioned the establishment of Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory at Shore and Tura. It has released an amount of Rs 3.28 Cores for infrastructure build up and Rs 1.25 Crores for recurring expenditure. Another amount of Rs 1.25 Crores for recurring expenditure will be released in due course of time.Thus a beginning has been made to increase availability and resilience of natural resources in the context of providing livelihood and inclusive growth within the framework of sustainable development under the umbrella of Basin Development.

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