The Success Story of Baniaikyrmen Synshong, the baker from Mawphlang

Baniaikyrmen Synshong is a 22- year-old baker from Mawphlang, East Khasi Hills. Ever since he was a child, he had an inclination for creating and learning new things. He would spend time making things out of used items and sell them to his schoolmates. After completing a 3 year Food Processing and Preservation course in Tura, he returned to back to his hometown in Mawphlang Mission Compound. He came to find out about EFC Mawphlang which is under Megha –LAMP and registered as a partner on 13th July 2018. The EFC then facilitated his training at Thongni Bakery Training Centre in Rynjah and Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI). With years of experience in the food service industry and a good work ethic, he has been able to start his own bakery and make a name for himself as an entrepreneur in the village.

Baniaikyrmen has always felt that he had the potential to make a mark on society and he is hopeful that he will be able to provide employment to the youth in his community.His family has been very supportive of his dreams and encouraged him to start with pickle processing. When he felt ready to start a bakery, he bought all the necessary equipment with the money he got from scholarships and the financial help of his father. After an investment of INR 50,000,he was able to cover the amount he needed for a kitchen, oven, mixer, burner, utensils and so on. While speaking to the Knowledge Management Team, he said that he did not want to put pressure on himself to work in a foolish way or work too fast.

In order to promote his bakery,Baniaikyrmen has linked himself with the District Commerce and Industries Centre (DCIC) to get his products registered with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for quality assurance to his customers. Besides food processing, he also practises beekeeping (apiculture) and also has a small enterprise in the village where he sells all his products which include honey, pickle and bakedgoods.  

While explaining his journey, he expressed how thrilled he was to know that people from nearby villages and several offices in Mawphlang especially come to him for his baked goods. He also mentioned that people from nearby villages can easily get baked goods in their own villages and they do not need to travel to the main market. The baked goods include cupcakes, cakes, doughnuts, and cream-buns. He has many plans to expand his business and wants to stay close to his roots; hence he is now undergoing training to produce traditional snacks and food items.

Baniaikyrmen sells his goods every day and makes the most number of sales during the festive Christmas season. Even though his business is in the starting phase, he is able to make a good profit.

Baniaikyrmen now hires a helper as he cannot do all the baking and taking care of the customers by himself. He will soon need more equipment and helpers with plans of expansion and he will have to reduce the heavy manual work and focus more on the baking aspect to ensure his business maintains quality and continues to grow. His immediate plans require him to hire a person to help him deliver his goods because the demand is steadily rising but as of now he has no delivery system put in place. He is constantly looking for opportunities to grow his business and always thinking of innovative ways to achieve his goals.

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