Megha-LAMP (Meghalaya Livelihoods and Access to Markets Project)

The Meghalaya Livelihoods and Access to Markets Project (Megha-LAMP) is a key state-wide initiative by the Government of Meghalaya in collaboration with IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development). It was formally launched by the Honourable Chief Minister Dr.Mukul M Sangma, on the 3rd of September, 2015.It aims at improving family incomes and quality life of the rural mass in Meghalaya by building on the work done under IBDLP and further develop markets and value chains for sustainable livelihoods, and ensuring that these livelihoods are adapted to Meghalaya's geographical context to the effects of climate change.Megha-LAMP is being implemented as a part of the Integrated Basin Development and Livelihoods Promotion Programme (IBDLP), and assisted by the IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development). The Project’s budget is USD 174 million; USD 50 million as loan assistance with technical assistance comes from IFAD, USD 50 million comes from the Government of Meghalaya, and the remainder comes from bank loans, convergence funds, and some contribution from the participating households themselves.


Megha-LAMP will develop 47,000 enterprises set up by rural community partners across all 39 blocks, and set up 54 value chain and livelihood clusters across at least 18 blocks. Thus Megha-LAMP aims to reach a total of 140,000 households out of 420,000 rural households in Meghalaya, with a special effort to include poorer households, women and the socially excluded.


  1. Developing 47,000 enterprises across all 39 C&RD Blocks.
  2. Setting up of 54 value chain and livelihood clusters across at least 18 C&RD Blocks; thusby creating these clusters it will servein reaching 20,000 households across 540 villages.
  3. Initiatives for soil and water conservation and various other natural resource interventions at the village level, and also interventions for increasing food security in the village. These activities shall be carried out in the targeted 18 blocks, 75 villages within each block, and at least 75 households within each village for a total of 1,01,000 households.
  4. Setting up 120 Livestock Development Centres (LDCs), primarily for pigs, and additionally for goats and maybe cattle.
  5. Capacity building of a Village Livestock Resource Person within each village to advise the rural piggery entrepreneurs, and to provide preventive animal health care. These activities will cover 32,400 households across 720 villages in the state.
  6. Creating infrastructure for about 55 primary markets across Meghalaya, with interventions for improved market management.
  7. Enhancing rural connectivity for village clusters and producers through creation of 250 km eco-friendly village roads, 20 submersible bridges, and 10 ropeways across the target areas.
  8. Enhancing rural finance and financial inclusion, with the key activity being to establish and strengthen 300 Integrated Village Cooperative Societies (IVCS) across rural Meghalaya.This initiative would cover all 1,350 villages in the Megha-LAMP village clusters.


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